1. Prices

1.1. Prices are excluding VAT and applies to sales to our customers.

1.2. Prices are based on current Cu price and exchange rates.

1.3. NEK Cable reserves the right to change prices at major changes of indirect and direct costs.

1.4. On our invoices charged the 0.30% environmental fee of net invoice amount before VAT.


2. Fee / order addition

2.1. Cutting fee: Up to NOK. 400, - depending on the cable type


3. Payment

3.1. Net pr. 30 days unless otherwise agreed in writing.

3.2. Late payment is charged with the prevailing rate.

3.3. Complaints about the invoice amount must be made in writing within 10 days from receipt of invoice.

3.4. The goods are property of the seller until full payment has taken place.


4. Terms

4.1. Deliveries Ex Works Lørenskog unless otherwise agreed in writing.


5. Delivery - stock items, obtain goods and production items

5.1. Stock Items: Normal delivery is 1-3 working days from order intake (Subject to intermediate selling).

5.2. Obtaining Goods: Normal delivery is approximately 1-3 working weeks. (Subject to intermediate selling in our (s) supplier (s)).

5.3. Production goods: Normal delivery ca. 5-10 working weeks.


6. Delivery Deviations

6.1. We reserve the right to deliver and invoice ± 10% of the ordered quantity ..


7. Cancellation of production orders

7.1. Less than three weeks before confirmed delivery: 90% of order value.

7.2. From 3-6 weeks before confirmed delivery: 50% of order value.

7.3. More than six weeks prior to the confirmed delivery: 30% of order value.


8. Cancellation of obtaining goods orders

8.1. Less than one week prior to the confirmed delivery: 80% of order value.

8.2. From 1-2 weeks before confirmed delivery: 40% of order value.

8.3. More than two weeks prior to the confirmed delivery /

 not confirmed delivery from NEK: 20% of order value.


9. Return of goods

9.1. Return can only happen in agreement with NEK Kabel AS.


10. Return of drums

10.1. Drums can be returned to our warehouse at Luhrtoppen 2, 1471 lørenskog purchaser.

10.2. In cases where the drum is charged on the invoice will these be credited in full upon return with a message to the NEK Kabel AS.


11. Complaints

11.1. Complaints due to transport damage must be made in writing within 5 working days after receipt.

11.2. In the event of delivery of defective cable is replaced with new cable.


12. Tracing Responsibility

12.1. NEK Kabel AS assumes no liability for consequential damages in terms of costs for reinstallation, business interruption and the like due to faulty product supplied or late delivery.


13. Warranty

13.1. NEK Kabel AS guarantees that all cables are in compliance with the prevailing technical specifications.

13.1.1. This use of materials, construction and cable characteristics.

13.1.2. Error due to deficiencies in the customer specification or handling of the cable are not covered by this warranty.

13.1.3. The product warranty is for a period of 3 years from date of delivery. The guarantee means that NEK Cable replaces defective cable with new cable of the same or similar quality, if the cable does not have the characteristics specified in accordance with current data sheets.


14. Changes / Errors

14.1. Subject to typographical errors in the current pricelist


15. General Conditions

15.1. Unless otherwise agreed terms INCOTERMS as the basis of our deliveries.

15.2. Buyer general conditions are not binding for NEK Kabel AS unless this is specifically agreed.