Handling and Installation Guide

Important notice:
The information contained in this document has been carefully checked and is assumed to be entirely correct and reliable at the time of release. However,
there no guarantees are made or implied herein and NEK Kabel AS will not accept responsibility for decisions made based on the use of this document.

NEK Kabel AS reserve themselves the right to make any change to its products and/or documentation as it deems necessary for whatever reason. NEK
Kabel AS reject all responsibility for the use made of its products or of its documentation.

Further without cost to NEK Kabel AS, the user of our products is expected to take all necessary precautions to protect the public and minimize the
disturbance and inconvenience to the public and the cable installer shall comply with all Governmental regulations as to the placing of traffic signals, flares,
barricades, flags and other warning signs during the performance of the work, including transportation of cables in populated areas.

The cable installer is also recommended to take cognizance of all environmental issues and comply with laws, by-laws, rules and regulations related to the
environment. This shall include but not be limited to avoiding unnecessary felling or damaging of trees, emission of noise & fumes, dust control, proper
discharge of effluents, and proper handling of waste and toxic substances in the course of transporting, handling and installing fiber cables.

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